Here at Psychos Surf Fishing we pride ourselves on making the most unique Pompano Rigs and Fishing Rigs on the market today. All of our floats are hand painted. All of our rigs are hand tied. We only use the best products on the market to make them. i.e. Yo-Zuri leader line, SPRO power Swivels, Mustad Demon Perfect hooks etc. Take a look and I think you will agree. Year after Year we catch some of the largest Pompano on the east coast, Now its your turn!

((((( We Catch the BIG fish! )))))) . . . Each of our rigs is designed to catch anything from Pompano to that MONSTER Fish you've been after!


My 2nd 5 pounder this year caught on the "PHAT" sand flea rig!

"PHAT" Sandflea rig

It's your turn to catch big Pompano like this! My Man Adam with his Monster Pomp this year.

The Rigs he caught it on below

Purple & White Dynamic

Catch Pompano like these!

My new Personal Best May,16 2023


    A 3 1/2 inch shrimp with a 0.65" float inside. 2/0 Mustad DP coated circle hook

  • Fish Eye @ Floats

    Your go to Rig for any occasion. Redfish Love them!

    Fish @ Floats 
  • Coquina Clam DYNAMIC SERIES

    Most of our 3, 4, 5 & the 6.5 lb. Pompano were caught on Coquina Clams rigs This year.

    Coquina Clam DYNAMIC SERIES 

Happy Fishing!

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(VIDEO) The Big Fish This year